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  • How to enhance a cultural resource as part of a tourism offering
  • Organisation of benchmarking trips
  • Tour guide courses for managers of museums, interpretation centres and sights

Strategic studies and plans:

  • Tourism potential of resources and areas
  • Target audience and market research
  • Tourism revitalisation and promotion plans
  • Marketing tourism products and destinations
  • Marketing and communication
  • Evaluation of projects and organisations


  • Commercial and representation tasks
  • Integration of resources into marketable tourism products
  • Search for partners and distribution channels
  • Organisation of workshops, fam trips and press trips for tour operators and trade press

Tourism products:

  • Creating a tourism product based on a resource
  • Conceptualisation and development of innovative and unique tourism products
  • Use of new technologies in tourism
  • Conceptualisation and implementation of tourism routes and itineraries
  • Design of bespoke tour packages for organisations, groups and travel agencies
  • Organisation of educational trips for schools, universities and cultural institutions

Marketing and communication:

  • Campaigns and actions
  • Drawing up tourist guides and other communication materials
  • Tourism websites

Other tourism services:

  • Organisation of workshops, conferences and congresses
  • Drawing up media kits and educational materials
  • Tourist guide services in various languages

Heritage and historic industrial tourism

  • Creation of tourist products (costumed tours, routes, packages, etc.) in traditional formats or using new technologies
  • Marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Conceptualisation of museum projects. Videos, audio guides, etc.
  • Tour guide courses for managers of museums, interpretation centres and industrial heritage sites
  • Setting up processes for information gathering and evaluating indicators
  • Drawing up media kits and educational materials

Industrial tourism with company visits (Living Industry)

  • Conceptualisation, design and development of projects so companies can open their doors to the public
  • Analysis and evaluation of a company’s tour services based on the new UNE industrial tourism standard, plus suggestions for improvements and strategies to get the most out of them
  • Business awareness talks to promote visits to companies
  • Drawing up visit handbooks for companies
  • Training:
    • Getting your company ready for industrial tourism visits
    • How to enhance and get the most out of visits to your company
    • Tour guide courses for managers in charge of visits to companies

Industrial tourism services in general

  • Study and assessment of the industrial tourism potential of a resource or area
  • Benchmarking trips and ones to learn about the supply of industrial tourism
  • Organisation of industrial-themed trips for companies, students, conventions and congresses, cultural associations, travel agencies, etc.
  • Organisation of workshops, conferences and congresses
  • Industrial tourism classes for tourism degree, postgraduate and master’s programmes (tourism schools, universities, summer courses)
  • Industrial tourism promotion conferences and sessions as a means of economic and cultural revitalisation



Services to associations and organisations:

  • Writing bylaws
  • Setting up and running tourism and cultural networks
  • Marketing for cultural organisations and projects

Cultural projects and services:

  • Organisation and running of cultural activities and seasons (conferences, workshops, exhibitions, concerts and plays, cuisine, cultural trips, etc.)
  • Conceptualisation and design of exhibitions
  • Writing, coordinating and publishing materials
  • Tour guide courses for managers of museums, interpretation centres and sights

Cultural tourism:

  • Turning a cultural resource into a tourism product
  • Building cultural options into a tourism offering
  • Tour guide services in various languages
  • Organisation of cultural trips for museums, associations, travel agencies, etc.
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